Birthday Parties & Groups:

Fishing is available by appointment, for birthdays & groups. A booking fee of $30.00  for our covered picnic area for 2 hours, ($10.00 non refundable for cancellation less than 48 hour's). Fee charged at time of booking.

Booking times For the picnic area are 11:00-1:00, 2:00-4:00,  

Fish (11" - 14") are $7.50 each (flat fee with booking) you pick the limit. (This pond is not available during fall or winter months.)

We do have the large pond open (fall/winter) the fish are 11"-26"   and priced by the length

You must bring enough help to bait and remove hooks!!! We are here to help with suggestions, not to net the fish, bait the hooks, OR TAKE THE FISH OFF THE HOOK. If your not willing to try, this is not the place for you.

For an additional fee $2.00 a person, (including adults) we offer an educational tour of the hatchery. Call for information  425.483.1415

** For a helping hand we ask that you read the U-Fish Page.

Suggestions: Some of the parties are putting $7.50  (.50 for feeding) cash in a envelope for the first fish ,this lets  the parent decide to fish either pond.