To funny: Dad & Son come up to get their fish cleaned. When we are done we give the dad the total. The son looks at his dad and say's where's the beer.

Not funny: A family comes in and fishes in the big area. The little guy in the group lands a 28". Dad comes over and yell's at us that that's ridicules to have that size fish in here. Hu?

Why didn't you fish in the small area??

New farm member, we have named her fish. Fish comes in around 2:00 and 4:00 and late evening. Takes a fish every time.

Can't wait for dinner


25000 eyed eggs in the incubator now.    May 5th

We wash them into the egg tray.

Cover them so they can't jump out..


Put them into the incubator, They hatch in about a week.

This is what they look like 2 weeks hatched

Using a tube we taking the dead eggs out this takes hour's. This is done so the dead will not attach to the live and kill them. So all the white eggs are dead and need to come out.



Fish anatomy