Schools & Day Camps

 We book schools and day camp's by the start time, by appointment only. Please check ( at the bottom of the page)  if your date and time is available.

Groups & Day camps If you would like to stay for snack or lunch you must book the picnic area at no fee. This will give you an exclusive place to sit and enjoy.

WE ARE A PACK IN PACK OUT. For schools & day camps

Fish are 11in - 14in and $7.50 each, you pick the limit. (Not available in fall & winter)

Parents: We do have the large pond open the fish are 10"-32" they are priced by the length (school group, adults, and children may fish this pond @ their cost) 

You must bring enough help to bait and remove hooks!!! Please limit your stay to one hour.

For an additional fee $2.00 a person, (including adults) we offer an educational tour of the hatchery. For booking call 425.483.1415

** For a helping hand we ask that you have parent's read the U-Fish Page.

There is also a fish food feeding machine that you can use. For $.25 you can get a hand full of fish food to feed the fish, while you wait for the whole group to arrive.

Helping suggestions

1) Bring trash bag for your trash

2) Bring ice chest to take fish back in

3) Have zip lock bags with child's name on it ready for fish to be put in.

4) Make sure to have enough help to bait hooks and take fish

2017 Booking

March 23rd Booked